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    The whole value chain services
    We offer around the whole value chain in the field of marketing service
    Involved in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, parts and accessories, car finance and car rental...
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    More than 230 cities survey team
    National survey projects have already infiltrated the level 6 of city
    More than 230 cities have perfect independent investigation team, continuous execution of project operation...
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    High quality project control
    Controls the quality of the whole project execution phases
    According to the project execution period, delivering high quality project results.

About us

        Brightlions is a professional market research, economic investment and management consulting firm, which is set up together by the United States Business School of Columbia University and China partners. The American company is located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA. China company has close cooperation in automotive, communications, finance, government and other industries. The company is committed to industry research, market research, large data modeling and interactive precision marketing, and for the international and domestic markets, for the industry, enterprise customers to provide professional market and decision support solutions. So as to achieve the goal of "helping customers succeed and achieving self - success".


Establishment Time

Brightlions Automotive Division was established in 2008, it is a professional organization that provides quality market research and consulting services for the automotive industry. The company focuses on the automotive sector and services to multinational companies and well-known domestic enterprises.

Specialized Field

Brightlions's human resources construction, product development, customer development and other fields are closely around the automotive sector. Focus makes us more professional.

Whole Value Chain

At present, the automotive sector services include: carload, parts and components, automotive competitive products, automotive financial services, etc. And it can provide the whole value chain research service for the automobile enterprise.

Organizational Structure

Automotive Division include Research and Data Group, Executive Group, CATI Center, IT Centerr, Innovation Center

  • Research and Data Group:65 members, professional quantitative and qualitative research group, 40% of them have vehicle manufacturers' experience, and 60% of them have more than 5 years professional research consulting company experience.
  • Executive Group:90 members, 10 Special supervision, 80 inspection and assessment staff 80
  • CATI Center:CATI distribution in Beijing, Shanxi and Hebei, with a total of 200 lines of professional seats. Employees are full-time staff of junior college or above, with the most advanced hardware and software support. (single channel recording)
  • IT Center:10 members, Responsible for IT project and mobile Internet integrated marketing business.
  • Innovation Center:20 members, Responsible for development strategy, innovation project and operation promotion, etc.

Big Data Technology Department

        Based on the mass market data, through large data modeling, Explore deeply the laws of the market and consumer preferences behind the data, and combined with rich marketing experience, to providing a one-stop solution from large data acquisition, data integration, data analysis and application solutions for customers in the industry.

Automotive industry value chain data coverage:

Automotive big data solutions provide automotive industry user behavior analysis, the acquisition of potential customers, customers 360 degree view, user value analysis, life cycle management.

  • 1、 Vehicle manufacturers: vehicle basic data, parts data;
  • 2、 Channel of distribution: vehicle regional sales data, market research data;
  • 3、 Customer: consumer data;
  • 4、 Vehicle: on-board data, vehicle running data;
  • 5、 4S shop: vehicle maintenance data;
  • 6、 Insurance company: car insurance data

Automotive big data solutions

        According to a comprehensive, objective and timely monitoring, and integrate all kinds of product data, marketing data and consumer research data, so as to realize the association and intercommunication among data, to build data connectivity within and outside the enterprise market information research system, to help manufacturers grasp the product, competing products, performance and industry, market and consumer status.

Dynamic monitoring of market conditions

Through the construction of advanced large data model technology, help enterprises to establish market dynamics simulation system, forecasting system and operation decision optimization system.

User portrait and analysis

Comprehensive collection of user data, in order to achieve a full range of user characteristics. And then a better understanding of customers, and in-depth into the models of power, appearance, price, fuel consumption and other aspects.

Monitoring and analysis of public sentiment

Through the monitoring, analysis and warning of public opinion, the negative public opinion of automobile manufacturers and models can be found as soon as possible. In order to facilitate timely processing, so as to avoid a large proliferation of public opinion.

Big data precision marketing

To provide precise data support for customer precision marketing and marketing planning, delivery, effect assessment of closed-loop management. For customers to greatly reduce advertising costs, and improve advertising accuracy and advertising effectiveness.

Auto Aftermarket Service

Through the collection of user behavior data and vehicle information, we can deeply understand the user‘s needs and provide personalized services for users. It includes user preference analysis, intelligent travel service, insurance innovation based on user behavior, personalized service of 4S store and so on.

Executive Company Network

        ——Brightlions Market Research annual operating national survey of the project has penetrated into 6 Tier City. In the more than 230 cities have perfect independent investigation team. It has carry out the operation project every quarter, and have the strict quality inspection and inspection procedure and specification accordingly.

Specialized field

Our services for the automotive industry focus on the entire value chain in the field of marketing. At present, the field of business involves passenger cars, commercial vehicles, spare parts and accessories, automobile finance, car rental and other fields.

Sales & Marketing Research

  • Market entry research
  • Research on Strategy of product listing
  • After the listing of products tracking
  • Consumer insight research
  • Brand health diagnosis and monitoring

Network channel / terminal research

  • Sales / Service satisfaction (CSS)
  • Inspect / Mystery Shopper
  • Activity monitoring and evaluation
  • Network information platform development(NSP)
  • Terminal marketing monitoring

Horizontal Market Research

  • Spare parts / Accessories / Competitive products research
  • Second-hand car market research
  • Automotive Finance Market Research
  • User experience center

Customer service promotion research

  • Customer care center management
  • User database management
  • User experience management
  • Establishment of offline / online service community
  • Effectiveness evaluation of customer care activities
  • Dealer complaint management


the project start-up period

The core of the quality control of the project start-up period is the effective communication between the two sides and work out detailed, monitoring, fault-tolerant work plans

The core of quantitative investigation management

The core of quantitative investigation management is user information and the authenticity of user awareness, Brightlions requires full recording.

the data processing section

The focus of the data processing section is to check the data logic errors in order to avoid affecting the analysis results

Report writing

The core of the report's quality control is the discussion and improvement of the outline of the report, which is the basis and the result of the research, and the refinement and excavation of the conclusion.


Up to now, we have worked with more than 80 car customers (including car manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, car dealers, etc.), the annual volume of automotive work in more than 50 pieces